Link Pipe Services For Municipalities and Contractors

"Link-Pipe" is a (no-dig) spot repair product that we use for trenchless pipe repairs in gravity sewers.

before Link-Pipe after Link-Pipe
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Comprised of a stainless steel sleeve, that uses a mechanical lock to seal the sleeve in place, "Link-Pipe" has an absorbent foam gasket surrounding the stainless steel sleeve.

Grouting Sleeve

Grouting Sleeve


Every "Link-Pipe" sleeve we have installed has been 24" in length by 8" or 10", and each one was to fix a specific spot problem. The problems have been water infiltration at a poor coupling or an obvious spot break in the line.


Prior to installation, we saturate the gasket material with a liquid Urethane grout that chemically bonds the repair sleeve to the host pipe in addition to the mechanical compression that holds the repair sleeve permanently in place.

We monitor with a video inspection camera to position the sleeve over the damaged area in the pipe. The Urethane grout fills the annular space around the outside of the damaged pipe as it is forced through the pipe defect. This seals the pipe from the inside and out. Each repair is permanent and only takes a few hours to complete.

"Link-Pipe" sleeve sizes range in diameters from very small to very large, and we can customize the repair sleeve for special sizes and applications. The sleeves are self-cleaning with no maintenance and come with a ten-year manufacturer's limited warranty.

The following defects are good "Link-Pipe" applications:

  • Restore the original strength of damaged sewer pipes or water mains
  • Restore sewer to full design life
  • Recreate a new pipe in place of a totally collapsed or missing pipe
  • Repair multiple pipe cracks
  • Re-align offset joints to prevent water and soil infiltration
  • Abandon unwanted services or cross connections between storm/sanitary sewers
  • Seal cracked pipes to prevent infiltration or exfiltration
  • Prevent root intrusion