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Welcome to the Arrow Pipeline blog, where you'll find information on Arrow Pipeline and their upcoming technologies.

This month we'll be discussing Arrow's Perma-Lateral Trenchless Pipe-Relining technology. This amazing technology allows Arrow Pipeline to repair a pipe without any digging or trenching. Pipe repair today is very different from pipe repair of the past. If you need to repair broken pipe, don't end up doing it the traditional way which can take exponentially more work.

Arrow's amazing Perma-Lateral technology inflates a pipe-shaped balloon that is covered in a resin material that dries to be stronger than the original pipe. The balloon is removed when the resin dries and what's left is a new pipe inside your old pipe, free of any breakage or obstruction. The new resin pipe has a 50 year minimum design life, so you won't have to worry about any new breaks for quite some time.

Imagine how much extra work it would take to dig a trench, replace the broken section of pipe, and then refill that trench only to have the pipe break at another section a few years down the road.

So next time you encounter a cracked or broken pipe call Arrow Pipeline Repair and we'll fix it fast. Remember - There’s more than one way to repair a broken sewer or drain pipe.

Check out our Pipe Relining page for an even more in depth explanation of Arrow's pipe-relining technology.

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