About Us

Lane Post, President of Arrow Pipeline, has been in the drain and sewer business since 1975 as owner and operator of Pacific Drain Service. His experience and credentials in residential and commercial drainage problems are well established and second to none in San Diego County.

Casey, Lane, Kevin

Lane started Arrow Pipeline Repair, Inc. in 2002 with the express purpose of working together with the plumbing, drain cleaning, and building industries to solve all their drainage problems. Arrow Pipeline is the only "A" license plumber in San Diego County that focuses on sewer repair to the EXCLUSION of all other service and repair plumbing. We are armed with every technology available to repair or rehabilitate broken lateral drain and sewer pipe. Utilizing Perma-Liner, Vermeer pipebursting, Link Pipe, and right-of-way repair, Arrow Pipeline has become the regional industry leader in lateral pipe repair.
Lane is a member of the Encinitas Business Exchange. He has been a member for 14 years and has been president for three 1 year terms. They meet every Wednesday.

Kevin Post is Vice President in charge of Operations and oversees the inspection, location, and evaluation of every job. With 11 years in the trade, his responsibilities include project management, operations, trouble shooting, and field support.
Kevin is a member and we're proud to announce is the new president of the North Coast Business Group. He has been a member for 7 years. They meet Every Thursday.

Casey Post is Vice President in charge of Drain Operations, jetting, and all Perma-Liner installations. He manages 6 drain cleaners and a 3 man CIPP crew. Casey is largely responsible for our tremendous growth and success with Perma-Liner pipe rehabilitations.

Kelly Curtis is our Human Resource Manager and handles all company policy, employment, and OSHA safety programs. Her experience in hiring combined with her innovative approach to employee policy make Arrow Pipeline a better place to work.

Denise Allen is our Office Manager and the glue that holds the entire operation together. Every job goes through Denise and is monitored by her until completion. Denise is responsible for all accounts payable and receivable and the day to day operation of all office responsibilities. Her positive attitude, sunny disposition, attention to detail, and dedication make Arrow Pipeline a fun and exciting place to work.